The Ultimate Portable Safe (FREE SHIPPING OVER $50)

All the things we could never travel without


Flexsafe by Aquavault: If you follow our travels regularly (if, not what are you doing?!) you know how much we love the beach! However, we always found ourselves stressing out about our wallets and phones every time we went for a swim and would constantly keep one eye on the beach. I’d come across a couple of safes to be used on the beach but they were all hard shelled and way too big for our carryon only needs. Thankfully, along comes the Flexsafe from Aquavault. It’s light and packable and super easy to use, and attaches to almost anything. Even if you’re not a beach person, this would be great to use in a hotel room that doesn’t have a safe, or other places you may need to lock up your passport, wallet and other small valuables.

Being the awesome company that they are, they’ve offered our readers a discount on your next purchase! Click here and use the code 'insta10foryou' to get 10% off.



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