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6 Tips to Prevent Theft at the Beach, Pool, or Water Park this Year


6 Tips to Prevent Beach Theft this Year

  Keep your valuabes safe AquaVault FlexSafe

Everyone loves to relax at the beach or by the pool.  The problem is, we are so connected to our smart devices that they go everywhere we do.  So what do you do with your "stuff" when you want to go for a dip?  You could stick them in your shoes or hide them in your towel.  You could ask a friend or family member to stay back and watch them or You could ask the sketchy guy next to you to keep an eye on your $700 phone.  

Thieves already know your plan and come to the beach/ pool daily looking for victims.  One phone per day gets them a real nice monthly income and they are counting on "YOU" to keep them in business.  We have seen thieves working in groups of up to 5  that include employees at your favorite spots.

One signals, one watches, one grabs, one hands off, and one distracts you.  Before you know it you have been another victim and you probably have been scouted for the past few hours.

 So how do you stay safe?

  • Store small items or your phone in a waterproof pouch and bring it along with you when you swim.
  • Use a portable safe such as the AquaVault or FlexSafe to secure your valuables at the beach, by the pool, or at the water park.
  •  Spark some conversation with your beach neighbors and ask them to keep an eye on your "stuff" for short periods of time.
  • Keep your valuables out of reach.  Place your bag deep under your chair and make sure it is not visible by placing your towel strategically over the view points.
  • Choose a spot near the lifeguard or next to the security dude to thwart would be theft attempts.
  • Leave your valuables in your hotel room or in your glove compartment of your car.

 Bottom Line

Put as many theft deterrent layers between your "stuff" and thieves.  Put your phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, watches, and other valuables in your AquaVault, lock it to your chair, and throw a towel over it.  Your typical beach thief will simply move on without wanting to make a scene.





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