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How to keep your stuff safe at the water park with AquaVault

Kids love water parks (including big ones like me!). And there are some really great ones all over the country. But several years ago when going there with my kids I had to bring a waterproof fanny pack and hope that when it inevitably got doused with water, the phone, keys, and wallet would stay dry. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not so much. Other times, my wife would stay with our stuff while I ran around with the kids. Fun for me, but not for her.

Finally there is a much better alternative. With the launch of the AquaVault, water parks (and their guests) have found that our portable safe is a great and worry-free way to protect their valuables while enjoying a fun (yet often splashy wet) day in the sun. It’s as easy as can be. The patented AquaVault lockbox easily contains all the things you hope won’t fall out during your visit to the water park.

Most of the parks have a dedicated area where the AquaVaults are displayed and rented. It’s so great to not have to worry about having your stuff stolen, or having it fall out of your pocket without your knowledge. You lock the AquaVault portable safe to your lounge chair, then anytime you need to stop and get something out of your unit, just dial in your personalized combination open it up, re-lock it and off you go. If the water park you are visiting doesn’t yet offer our portable safes, you can buy AquaVault here on our site.

Protecting your stuff at the water park is always a concern but not when you’ve got AquaVault.

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