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Summer Vacation is Better with the AquaVault Portable Safe

We’re working this week, but of course like you we wish we were on summer vacation!  Having an AquaVault portable pool safe offers you peace of mind that your stuff won’t get lifted when you wade over to pick up a drink at the cool poolside bar.

A vacation safe is not a new concept when it comes to having one in your hotel room but when you are outside enjoying the sun and fun, you took your chances whenever you let your valuables get out of your sight.   But that’s no longer the case as our portable safe is now protecting the things people want to keep with them by the pool or beach all over the world!

The folks at the Home Shopping Network were very impressed when our segment appeared last week.   We just wish the show wasn’t on at 3AM so more people could have seen it and learned about our the AquaVault portable safe!

We love hearing from people about how their vacations are even better now that they can lock up and swim!  So if you have any stories you’d like to share please share away.

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