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Surf’s Up! The AquaVault Beach Safe Helps Surfers Hang Ten Easier!

We’re not talking about web surfers, we’re talking the real deal.  Whether it’s a conventional surfboard (is there really any such thing) or boogie board, the lads and lasses that get up before sunrise to don their wetsuits and who relish the challenge and fun of the big waves also had to worry about what might happen to their stuff left on the beach.

And then AquaVault’s beach safe just happened to come along changing the game – and the surfing experience. Ok even if that’s a little over the top, locking up and securing your valuables is a real concern that AquaVault can now set aside for you.

When the sun is just rising and the beach is quiet – except for the sound of the waves, boarders can attach their AquaVault beach safe to a rope fence or a metal fence or to any permanent structure on/near the beach. Your AquaVault fits on so many different things beyond lounge chairs.  How about fence posts around the pool or on the boardwalk?  How about at the golf course when you run into the nineteenth hole to get a couple of cold ones? Locking up (and unlocking) on a golf cart is quick and easy.

With AquaVault’s new and creative design, lock up locations are being invented every day. Send us a photo of where you locked up your AquaVault and we’ll post it on the site and on our Facebook!

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