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The AquaVault question we hear most often

When we came up with the idea of an AquaVault portable outdoor safe people would ask “But what would stop someone from taking the lounge chair with the AquaVault attached?”

As frustrated as we get we understand that it’s not an unfair question. The answer is – it could happen. But think about it. At a hotel, beach resort, or public pool a thief would be more than just a little inconspicuous if seen carrying a lounge chair with an AquaVault out the exit – if that lounge chair could even fit through the exit in the first place!

The point of the AquaVault is to be a deterrent to would-be thieves. It’s much easier to swipe a bag or a shirt or shoes hiding a wallet, then to walk off with an entire chair. Protecting your stuff is serious business and AquaVault is a serious solution but we all know that if someone really wants something (like for example your car), they will try just about anything. The determined thief can put your car on a flatbed truck and take it away and no alarm system can protect against that!

So let those thieves look for easier pickings when your stuff is safely locked up in an AquaVault beach safe. AquaVault is the ideal solution to an old problem – we’re making it safer to lock up and swim!

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