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A worry-free winter vacation

January 15, 2015

It’s been freezing cold in much of the United States over the past couple of weeks.  Bone-chilling.  Thoughts of beaches, pools, tall drinks and palm trees are virtually dancing before so many sets of eyes.

When we hear from customers about how much they love their AquaVault travel safe we know our mission is on the way to being fulfilled.  It seems everyone has a story to tell about how they protect their valuables when they go into the pool or the ocean while on vacation – or even just a day at the beach.

AquaVault keeps it safe at the beachHave you tried putting your stuff in your sandals?  Of course not, but how many of us have tried putting our stuff in our tennis shoes and then hiding them with a beach towel?  Bet you’ve done that too.  Well, that is what the founders of AquaVault did – and then their stuff got stolen – and the idea for AquaVault was born!

Wouldn’t it be a dream if you could just enjoy yourself while at the pool or beach without having to worry?  Well it is a dream no longer, with the AquaVault travel safe by your side you’re already way ahead – and you’ve not even had a pina colada yet!

And as the saying goes – accept no imitations.  AquaVault’s incredibly tough ABS plastic case is as stylish as it is smart looking.   Why not find out for yourself?

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