July 12, 2019

Safeguarding your valuables at the beach or pool using the AquaVault portable outdoor safe are the first two things that come to mind in terms of its utility. But there are many other ways that AquaVault can help take a load off of your mind – and sometimes even off of your body!



Here are three ways you might think about using your AquaVault – beyond the pool or beach!


Biking: 3 ways an AquaVault travel safe can make your life easier

1) Biking. We’re not talking about a racing bike or mountain biking although the main reason is that those sports are about going fast and AquaVault will not help you go faster. However let’s say you are out for a casual bike ride while on vacation or riding to a picnic. The AquaVault portable outdoor safe can hold lots of stuff and it fits easily onto most bicycles.

Playground: 3 ways an AquaVault travel safe can make your life easier

2) How about at the park while watching the kids play at the playground? You can put a small water bottle, fruit, energy bars, wallet, keys and even wet wipes in your AquaVault and then lock it up to a fence or any bar at the playground. This way if you care to jump on that slide or those monkey bars you don’t have to worry about things falling out of your pockets or leaving your bag sitting on a bench!

AquaVault 3 ways an AquaVault travel safe can make your life easier

3) At the golf course. Just lock your AquaVault to the cart arm itself and you never have to worry about someone pilfering your phone, wallet or whatever you would otherwise put in the little (and very insecure) compartment in the front of the cart. You can lock up – and play!

How do YOU use your AquaVault safe? Send us your photos, and we might just share it in a future article! Remember only AquaVault’s incredibly tough ABS plastic and proprietary locking system offers you true peace of mind!

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