Shark Tank Update: Site Wide Sale & Free Shipping Over $50

AquaVault Swims with the Sharks on Shark Tank!

Ever wonder about what the guys that started AquaVault look and sound like?  Well tune in to ABC on Friday March 13th at 9PM to hear their pitch to the Sharks on ABC’s Shark Tank.  It’s such a rush to think

about being seen by millions of people who’ve probably never heard about AquaVault and our portable outdoor lockbox!

AquaVault on Shark Tank

Already on the beaches of Florida from Miami up past Boca Raton, the AquaVault outdoor pool and beach safe is making people’s vacations and trips to the beach more enjoyable every day.  After all, not having to worry about having your valuables stolen while you hit the pool or beach is a HUGE deal!   As is being on Shark Tank!

Being in the business of making people’s vacations better is so great and AquaVault’s lockbox design (made from ultra-tough ABS plastic) cannot be beat!  AquaVault also offers storage of your individual lockbox code so that if you forget your code it’s as simple as logging into our site to retrieve your code from our ‘locker’. 

So don’t forget to set your DVR if you cannot watch it LIVE on Friday March 13th 9PM on ABC television to find out what the Sharks have to offer.  We’ll all be watching!

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