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AquaVault Welcomes Its New Partner - Entrepreneur Daymond John

AquaVault & Shark Tank Partner Daymond John

When you’ve started an amazingly successful company like FUBU and your name is Daymond John you have the right to be extremely picky about the kinds of new businesses in which you wish to be involved.

This past Friday night March 13 on ABC-TV’s Shark Tank, Mr. John showed that he believes what we already know – that AquaVault’s portable outdoor safe is not only a great idea, it’s a great business!

AquaVault’s outdoor pool and beach safe has made thousands of people’s vacations and trips to the beach – better. Why? Because not having to worry about having your valuables taken while you enjoy a day at the beach, pool or park is just that – better.

Already in hotels in Florida, Las Vegas and California, AquaVault will no doubt soon be found on cruise ships and beaches all over the world. Mr. John believed in the product so much that he put up his own money to prove it.

Viewers of ABC’s Shark Tank loved the idea of the AquaVault travel safe (made from ultra-tough ABS plastic). They loved it so much that people went to the site and bought them in the thousands!

AquaVault on Shark Tank

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