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5 Ways To Use AquaVault

We've rounded up the top 5 ways to use AquaVault to protect your things. With beach theft on the rise, security is our number 1 priority, but AquaVault won't just secure your valuables at the beach. Take a look at the other ways we're using AquaVault.

AquaVault personal outdoor safe

1. Your Chair: This is the most obvious use of AquaVault, and the most common. AquaVault's patented design allows the lockbox to attach to 95% of existing beach or deck chairs, whether it's on the armrest or the bar on the back. Put your valuables in the beach safe, and go for a swim.


AquaVault outdoor vault keeps your stuff safe on boats

2. Your Boat: The railing of a boat fits perfectly through AquaVault, so this is a no-brainer. When docked, AquaVault keeps things safe when you're away from the boat or while swimming. Plus it prevents things from falling overboard if waves roll through. While in motion, AquaVault can keep your valuables from bouncing around in the hull.




3. Your Bike: If your bike doesn't have a basket already, AquaVault can carry the things that won't fit in your pockets. If you stop and lock your bike up, you can be sure your AquaVault will stay with it, as well as everything inside.

AquaVault personal safe can go on bikes


Golf Cart Lockbox to keep your valuables safe while playing

4. Your Golfcart: Tossing your wallet and phone into the glovebox of a golf cart isn't the most secure way to store them. If you've ever run into the clubhouse to grab a quick snack, only to return to a missing phone, you'll know how useful the AquaVault lockbox can be.



AquaVault on a stroller

5. Your Stroller: You might think you'll never leave your stroller unattended, but you can turn your back for a second at an amusement park, and your purse disappears. Attaching AquaVault to the handle will give you peace-of-mind that your valuables won't go anywhere if you drop a pacifier. Plus, a little extra storage never hurt.



AquaVault at beach

Because its design is so versatile, AquaVault will secure itself to many different things. Have an interesting use for your AquaVault? Let us know in the comments section below!

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